It is with much joy in my heart that I hereby wish to welcome our Distinguished Guests, valuable Speakers, our newest Patrons; Comrade (Alhaji) Abdulrahman Olayinka Onikijipa and Comrade Ayo Sekoni, the NATA national as well as state officials present, NATA Elders, NATA LGA/Unit officials and indeed all NATA members in Kwara State Chapter to this historic event.

It is worthy to note that the efforts at staging this Seminar-Advocacy in Kwara State started in 2020 shortly before the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic; but we had to keep pushing forward the date in order not to endanger the lives of our members and expected dignitaries.

It is also worthy to note that through the grace of Allah, NATA Kwara State Chapter did not lose any of its members to COVID-19 menace. We really thank Allah for the blessings bestowed on our members continually!

And at last, here we are in Kwara State by His special grace to preach as always to NATA members across the state as well as encourage them to embrace best practices while being entrusted with owners’ precious automobiles from which they eke out their daily bread. As earlier noted in one of our programmes and which I’ll like to also let you know; on daily basis now, the features; mechanical as well as electrical components and compositions of vehicles are changing; they are being improved upon competitively.

Samuel Oloyede Oriowo President, Automobiles And Road Safety Initiative

The question now is: How do vehicle repair and maintenance technicians remain relevant in this age of digital it; all?

The Nigerian auto technicians need constant trainings and re-trainings; workshops as well as seminars in order to be properly fit to be able to work effectively on the modern vehicles being imported into the country these days.

While trusting, however, the ability of our invited Guest Speakers to adequately enrich our brains abundantly with the various topics they will treat, I want to quickly enjoin us all, to listen attentively to be able to benefit maximally from this programme.

I wish to note here that, not everyone can win in the NATA News Readership Empowerment Promo that is featuring in the events of today, but to those who will win, I congratulate them in advance and to others; let us see the winnings as that of NATA Kwara State Chapter. Definitely, it may be your turn to win tomorrow.

On behalf of the Board of Trustees of Automobiles And Road Safety Initiative as well as the entire Crew of NATA News, I thank all our distinguished dignitaries as well as NATA officials and members that sacrificed their precious times to be part of this historical outing.

To our Corporate Sponsors, the Board of Directors and Management of 11 Plc (formerly Mobil Oil Nigeria), we appreciate all your corporate support and encouragement to see that all NATA members across the country are re-orientated to be relevant in the areas of effective repair/maintenance of vehicles in the country.

We salute your leadership attribute in the lubricant sub-sector of the Nigerian Automotive Industry as well as being a leading light in Corporate Social Responsibility Support!

Mobil Leads! … Others follow!!

God bless you all!



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Text of speech delivered at Road Safety Seminar & Usage of Genuine Engine Oil Advocacy for members of NATA, Kwara State Chapter on Tuesday 8th April, 2021 at Ilorin, Kwara State, Nigeria).