“How many Nigerians genuinely have the most appropriate insurance cover for their properties especially automobiles?”

Distinguished guests and speakers, the officials and members of National Union of Road Transport Workers, ladies and gentlemen, it is my pleasure as the President of Automobiles And Road Safety Initiative to welcome you this morning to this Auto Fire Accident Prevention Awareness programme.

Fire. That four letter word described by Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English as: "Uncontrolled flames, light and heat that destroy and damage things" is one enemy that nobody wishes that it visits his/her household not to talk of his/her property. But it visits whenever there are conscious and unconscious efforts at making it rear its ugly head.

For not being extra careful, millions of people around the world today are gnashing their teeth in utter regret of causing fire to consume their hard earned properties and there is no one they could turn to for succor, because they did not take up insurance cover on their lost properties. Quite unfortunate anyway!

In ideal societies where the issue of insurance policy is taken religiously as a soothing balm whenever the unforeseen happens, it is hard to find people shrinking from this responsibility knowing fully the enormous value of what is at stake.

But in this clime, how many Nigerians genuinely have the most appropriate insurance cover for their properties especially automobiles?

On a wider scale, because one will be at the receiving end of the law, the in-thing in vehicle insurance policy is taking-up Third Party Insurance Cover which does not attract payment for replacement of automobiles lost to crash or fire accident, but it involves payment for minor accidents that involves the vehicle of the person that took the insurance cover and, or the party with whom his/her vehicle has incident.

It is quite unfortunate that today many promising commercial transporters are out of business having lost their vehicles in very unpleasant ways to either road crash or fire accident which could have been avoided in the first instance, but which they ignorantly or deliberately ignored. And because they had no Comprehensive Insurance coverage, they are now on their own at nobody's mercy.

In the Transportation Sector of the Nigeria Automotive Industry, members of National Union of Road Transport Workers are notable stakeholders. However, it is in order to prevent these members from experiencing the ugly side of auto fire incident that we organize this prevention awareness programme which is the first of its kind from our organization, but which we intend to extend to other inter- state passengers' loading garages in and outside Lagos State in the coming months.

Indeed, at Automobiles And Road Safety Initiative, we are determined to preach the gospel of Auto Safety as well as ideal Safe Driving Habits to all Nigerians so as to significantly reduce the incidents of road crashes and loss of precious lives in the country.

To realize this lofty objective however, we appeal to the leadership of National Union of Road Transport Workers, other transport unions and associations throughout the length and breadth of the country, corporate bodies and individuals with wherewithal to support us in all ways possible.

Meanwhile, ladies and gentlemen, let me appeal to you to please pass round to other stakeholders whatever you can take home today as your gain from this event. Through this way and means, we will all be spreading the gospel of adequate safety consciousness on our roads.

Distinguished guests and speakers, I don't know how to thank you enough for being physically present here to add value to this event, but I am quite sure that the more you do not hear of ugly incidents happening on our roads, the more you'll be happy that your sacrifices and contributions are paying off.

Nonetheless, on behalf of the Board of Trustees of Automobiles And Road Safety Initiative, I welcome you and thank you all for coming to honour us.

Do have an eventful day!



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A Welcome Address presented by Mr. Samuel Oloyede Oriowo, President of Automobiles And Road Safety Initiative at Auto Fire Accident Prevention Awareness Campaign in Lagos on Tuesday 10th December, 2013.