The march to ridding the country of the menace of sub-standard auto spare parts, tyres and lubricants begins

All protocols duly observed!

To God Almighty, the creator of Heaven and Earth, I give thanks and praises for putting joy that knows no bound in my heart today.

I thank Him for making this day’s event possible and for making me one of the happiest persons on mother earth today, because this day marks yet another significant milestone in the history of Automobiles And Road Safety

Initiative in its march to realize one of its outlined aims an objectives which is the prevention of accidents that happen due to vehicle condition.

And because you are part of this, let me on behalf of the Board of Trustee of our organization say a very big thank you for coming.You are welcome! We are indeed honoured and humbled by your presence.

Distinguished Guests, ladies and Gentlemen, the history of automobile can be traced to the early 1770s when many people tried to make cars that would run on steam. But beginning in the 1880s, investors tried very hard to make cars that would run well enough to use every day. These experimental cars ran on steam, gasoline, or electricity. However, the efforts of the first tyre makers such as Charles Goodyear, John Dunlop, Andre Michelin and Philip Strauss among others complimented that of the vehicle manufacturers who improved on their inventions to make vehicle larger and more powerful to transport passengers and goods.

In any gathering where auto tyres are discussed, the inventory efforts Charles Goodyear who invented vulcanized rubber in 1844 and which was later used for the first tyres should be duly commended.

John Dunlop of blessed memory invented the air-filled or what was known as pneumatic tyres in 1888 for his bicycles, while Andre Michelin, though not successful, became the first person to use pneumatic tyres on an automobile in 1895.

Although ever since then, there have continued to be improvements to tyre production world-wide, but one fact remains till date, that, tyres are the only contact the motorist has with the road in his/her usage of automobile.
However, in motorists’ daily usage of automobiles, how many of them do care for their tyres the way they care for their vehicle engines? It is common to observe motorists before the beginning of a day’s drive round to see them checking the level of their vehicles’ engine oils and water. But hardly can you see any; bothering to bend down to observe his/her tyres. They all assumed that since the tyres were not flat on the ground, it’s okay for the day’s drive. But this is where they got it wrong.The fact that you did not find your tyres flat where you last parked you vehicle does not mean that any of the tyres are not leaking and or that they are all at the expected travel gauge they should be.

Ladies and Gentlemen, tyres as insignificant as some motorists assume them to be had led to fatal vehicle crashes in which lives of prominent and promising Nigerians nave been terminated. It is alarming that out of about 3,680 accidents recorded in this clime in the last three years; about 2,500 of them were caused by tyre bursts. Should we continue to fold our hands and watch while our compatriots are lost to affordable accidents caused by burst sub-standard, used, tokunbo tyres?

We at Automobiles And Road Safety Initiative have resolved to arrest the menace of sub-standard, tokunbo tyres in Nigeria. But we can do it alone. This is one of the reasons we have called you up here today to join us in adding your voice to the crusade to reduce vehicle crashes that happen due to conditions of the vehicle, a reasonable percentage of which has to do with the state and condition of the vehicle’s tyres.

We have chosen the Theme of this Day to be: Be Tyre Smart… Play Your Part! 

From this moment onward, we urge you to play your part dutifully to see the end to the production and, or importation and usage of used, sub- standard, tokunbo tyres in the country. 

Beginning from the year 2014 however, we shall enlarge the scope of this event for the betterment of the sector and the motoring Nigerians. 

Apart from frequent re-orientation seminars, re-training and specialized workshops we are proposing for the Auto Repair Technicians, Commercial, and Professional Drivers, among others in the sector, the Auto Spare Parts and Automotive Lubricants will also be given adequate attention in the nearest future in order to sift the bad ones from the good ones and make vehicles safe on Nigerian Roads. 

However, for effective organisation of these events, we plead with the corporate stakeholders and those individuals that have the wherewithal to give us their wide shoulders to lean on. Whatever kind support you extend to us will definitely enliven this most important sector of the nation’s economy and boost our drive to improve the business of vehicle repair and maintenance as well as sanitise the Nigerian Auto Spare Parts, Tyres and Lubricants Markets in the country. 

We note on a very sad note that the cream of vehicle tyre manufacturers’ representatives in the country do not care to give back to the society where they made their fortune, but care much about the reparations they plough back home at the expense of our economy. Do we need the Standard Organisation of Nigeria or the National Automotive Council to teach these dealers to take seriously their Corporate Social Responsibility? 

Meanwhile Ladies and Gentlemen, in subsequent editions of this annual event, we are going to start conferring Award for Excellence on tyre manufacturers; their representatives and dealers that meet expected High Quality Standard for our usage in Nigeria. This is just to encourage most of the faceless dealers to deal in standard, acceptable tyres and come out boldly to advertise the tyres to prove that it’s of acceptable standard. 

Though Mr. Henry Eduwaye, a member of the Board of Trustees of this organization will do justice to ‘Vote of Thanks’ at the closing of proceedings of today’s events, but before I conclude this speech, let me quickly use this forum to commend the efforts of the Director General and Chief Executive Officer of Standard Organisation of Nigeria (SON), Dr. Joseph Odumodu and his performing team for the wonderful jobs they have been doing to rid the country of used, fake tyres. 

Also commendable is the onerous task of the Federal Road Safety Corps, ably led by charismatic Corps Marshall Osita Chidoka in reducing accidents on Nigerian Roads by way of effective policing. 

Kudos to the outgoing Lagos Sector Commander of the Federal Road Safety Corps, newly promoted Assistance Corps Marshall Nseobong Charles Akpabio for successfully manning the state with the highest volume of traffic in the country. We wish him well in his latest posting. 

Very important and worthy of commendation also is the generous support of the Lagos State Commissioner for Transportation, Honourable Kayode Opeifa who has added value to this event with his presence. 

We have discovered that this gentleman that plans for the smooth running of traffic in the most congested city-state in Nigeria is driven by passion which has seen him succeed in the assiduous task. 

He is focused, committed and principled in handling the job. Honestly, he is that Adviser any serious safety organization should always tap from his wealth of experience. And because we need his guidance in order to excel, we decided to honour him as a Patron of Automobiles And Road Safety Initiative. 

Your Honourable sir, we sincerely hope you will accept this honour as another call to duty. 

We do appreciate you Distinguished Guests, Speakers and notable stakeholders of the Nigerian Automotive Industry, notably the officers and men of the Federal Road Safety Corps. We approached most of you at a short notice and you did not let us down. This confirms your commitment to making the Nigerian Automotive Industry better than you met it. We thank you for this. 

Beautiful Ladies and Gentlemen, you are all appreciated too for finding time to be part of this maiden edition of Auto Tyre Safety Day in Nigeria. On behalf of the Board of Trustees of Automobiles And Road Safety Initiative once more, I thank you most sincerely from the bottom of my heart for coming. 

My distinguished colleagues from the media, I don’t know how to thank you enough for the parts you have played in relaying the news of this event to the populace even when we have not met for some time now. May your typing devices never fail you! 

The march to ridding the country of the menace of sub-standard auto spare parts, tyres and lubricants had just begun with this little step you are all witnesses to today, I pray that God continue to bless us all with courage and determination to play our parts dutifully to make the impact of this crusade felt in all corners of the country. 

I thank you all! 

God bless our country, Nigeria!! 


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