Appreciation of Outstanding Performance!

I sincerely wish to acknowledge and observe all due protocols please!

The Special Guests of Honour, Distinguished Guests, Patrons here present, Ladies and Gentlemen, Gentlemen of the Press, I am humbly honoured as the President of our great Organisation: Automobiles And Road Safety Initiative as well as the Publisher/Editor-In-Chief of NATA News Online to play the role of Distinguished Host here today and to therefore welcome you to this historical event.

Some of you who met at the entrance to this venue will notice that there are different Invitation/Admittance Cards to this Hall.

Yes! What we are having is collaboration between Automobiles And Road Safety Initiative; which had organized a number of successful events across the South West, Nigeria in its 5 years of existence and NATA News, which I first published 23 years ago.
The intention of publishing NATA News is to disseminate information about NATA as an association as well as its individual members; to themselves as well as to their Nigerian public which form the nucleus of NATA customers.

However, it is our intention too to reward outstanding NATA members, branches or units of the association and also those companies which produce genuine, standard spare parts and oils for NATA’s use; just to appreciate their contributions to the industry.

This was what led us to be looking for NATA Man of the Year 2017 as well as the Best Engine Oils oftheYear2017.

But unfortunately, our actions have provoked reactions across the country in the last 12 hours; leading to questions that bother on what criteria do we use in choosing the Outstanding Man of the Year as well as the Best Engine Oils of the Year, without certain Oils being included.

Of significant note is NATA’s current working relationship with some engine oil producers in the country which some see as going to be seriously jeopardized if our actions are carried out to the letter as earlier advertised.

Nonetheless, Automobiles And Road Safety Initiative as a duly incorporated Non-Govemmental Organisation which Objectives include: “Advocacy in the area of production, importation and usage of only genuine auto spare parts and lubricants. And Promotion of standard work ethics among auto repair technicians; to comply with auto manufacturers’ specifications,” is qualified to attest to the Best Engine Oils of the Year.

And this, we have vowed to do on yearly basis.

In the mean time, Automobiles And Road Safety Initiative’s Best Engine Oils of the Year are Oleum which is being promoted by OVH Energy Marketing Limited upon Oando License and Total Lubricants.

On behalf of Automobiles And Road Safety Initiative, I wish to congratulate the Board of Directors, Management as well as the entire staff of OVH Energy Marketing Limited; and Total Nigeria Plc for coming out as Best Engine Oils of the Year 2017.

And we are therefore presenting to Nigerian Motorists and especially the members of Nigeria Automobile Technicians Association to patronize only the BEST. For the BEST will guarantee you peace of mind after vehicle service is carried out.

For reasons of excellent performance attested to by our Team of Assessors, Comrade Bashiru Bankole is our Outstanding Technician of the Year 2017, while NATA Olowogbowo Unit is chosen as Distinguished Stakeholder-Association of the Year 2017.

We are not out to curry controversies, but to add value to the Nigerian Automotive Industry by constantly appreciating outstanding performance of notable contributors in order to encourage future diligent performances. We hope this will lay the silent discussions which have percolated our ears in the last couples of hours to its final rest.

During subsequent editions of this event however, we hope to widen its scope and enlarge the areas of awards.
Before I take my leave, let me thank the officials and members of Petroleum Tanker Drivers (PTD) Branch of NUPENG for coming out in their bests and en-mass too to honour our Patron, Comrade (Alhaji) Rasaq Akanbi (a.k.a Agba Baba Sharafa) , Chairman, PTD, Lagos Zonal Council.

The first very day I laid my eyes on Comrade Akanbi, that day I knew, Automobiles And Road Safety Initiative have another great, good choice of Patron.

May you live long, Agba Baba Sharafa. And may God grant you sound health to continue to contribute your valuable quotas to helping mankind. God be with you. May He also be with all your executives and members
throughout the zone!

We appreciate the efforts of Comrade Lawal Abidoye, the Executive Secretary of PTD, Lagos Zonal Council in mobilizing his officials across the Units to be part of this historic event.
He is hereby appointed as one of the National Advisers of Automobiles And Road Safety Initiative, while all the members of Executive Council of PTD, Lagos Zonal Council will be Specially Recognized tonight with Certificates as Distinguished Stakeholders.

I want to use this opportunity to quickly thank the duo of Pa Sunday Alabi Adewale (NATA Western Zone Trustee) and Chief Cornelius Akinnola (NATA National Registered Trustee) who also are our Distinguished Patrons.

Whatever the epitaphs we write on you today before your very eyes, the two of you deserve it, because you have sacrificed a lot to make NATA a progressive association and a household name. We pray that God will preserve your lives so that we can drink from the milk of your competency to move Automobiles And Road Safety Initiative forward.
Ladies and gentlemen, need I say more?

I really thank you for sacrificing your beds tonight to honour us on this occasion of Awards Nite and Unveiling of NATA News Website.

May God continue to be with you all!

President/Editor -in- Chief
Tel: +2347083808902

Welcome Address by Samuel Oloyede Oriowo, President of Automobiles And Road Safety Initiative & Publisher/Editor-in-Chief of NATA News magazine at the launch of NATA News website and Awards for Outstanding Stakeholders in Lagos on 31st March, 2017