The Promotion of Safety on Nigerian Roads is a Challenge to all Stakeholders

Director General of National Automotive design and development Council Engr. Aminu Jalal, FNSE, FNIM, FINMech
Director General of National Automotive design and development Council Engr. Aminu Jalal, FNSE, FNIM, FINMech


It gives me great honour to address this very important occasion which marks the Third Annual Auto Tyre Safety Day.

Available statistics from the Federal Road Safety Commission indicates that most of the accidents on the road are caused by improper use of tyre. It also revealed that mortality from road traffic accidents and injuries are still high in Nigeria.

Attendant loses from death and injuries has no respect for age, sex, religion, or race with fatalities involving more of young adults in the economically productive age of 15-44 years.

The National Automotive Design and Development Council (NADDC) formerly NAC with other relevant organizations (SON, CPC, FRSC) fully aware of this has made frantic efforts in addressing this ugly trend. Part of the effort is the publication of a book on ‘A Guide to Proper Selection and Safe Use of Motor Vehicle Tyres’ which are made available to drivers and commuters on Nigerian Roads to improve safety on the nations’ roads and reduce crashes.

The main objective is the promotion of safety on Nigerian Roads which is a challenge to all stakeholders; including regulators and law enforcement agents and of course you the Automobiles And Road Safety Initiative.

Accidents can be reduced to the barest minimum, if not totally avoided, through the promotion of Safety on Nigerian Roads. What safety is to life is what tyre is to a vehicle.

Information they say is power! An educated tyre consumer is already a protected one. It is sad to note that traffic accidents arising from use of sub-standard tyres are avoidable disasters and therefore, there is a need to provide information on proper identification and use of tyres.

It should be noted here that tyres are suitable for road conditions as indicated below:

i. ADV – Tyre for Animal Drivers’ Vehicles
ii. AS – All Season Tyre
iii. AT – All terrain tyre
iv. C – Commercial for Light Trucks
v. HT – Highway/Terrain Tyre for SUVs and 4x4s
vi. LT – Light Trucks Tyres
vii. M + S – Mud and Snow Tyre
viii. P – Commercial Passenger Car Tyre
ix. RF – Reinforced tyres
x. TL – Tubeless
xi. TT – Tube Type where tyre must be used with an inner tube.

Let me emphasize here that the evaluation and maintenance of tyres is important to their performance and the service they provide to one, therefore one must be careful during tyre rotation.

Rotated tyres must be of same size, construction and speed rating. Never rotate tyres on vehicles designed with different size tyres on front and rear. Similarly, the use of appropriate rim for every tyre must be strictly adhered to. Do not mount 16” tyre on wheel diameter greater than 16” to avoid deadly explosion.

It is instructive here to note that driving your vehicle in an overloaded condition is dangerous. Overloading causes excessive tyre heat build-up and internal structural damage. This can cause a tyre failure, even at a later date, which could lead to serious personal injury or even death.

Tyres must also be inspected regularly for cuts, cracks, splits, or bruises in the tread and side wall areas.

Have your tyre inspected by a qualified tyre service professional to avoid unnecessary damage.

It would interest this gathering to note that NADDC in collaboration with Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC) and other agencies recently concluded arrangement for commencement of enforcement of installation of speed limiting device in vehicles in Nigeria. This will ultimately lead to the reduction in road accidents.

Permit me to end this by thanking the organizers of this event which is coming at the right time when the change agenda of the present administration is been canvassed.

Your relentless effort towards ensuring access of automotive industry is highly commendable. I therefore enjoin other stakeholders to continue to partner with the Council for the integrated development of the automotive sub-sector of the Nigerian economy.

Thank you for your attention!

(Speech delivered by the Director General of National Automotive design and development Council Engr. Aminu Jalal, FNSE, FNIM, FINMech on the Ocassion of 3rd Annual Auto Tyre Safety Day held at Adanasingba Stadiun, Ibadan, Oyo State on Tuesday 29th September, 2015)